Welcome to our new website!

We have been working on something new, and we are still adding content. At the same time we are working hard on the next release of our favourite tool, Access Director. We are pleased to announce we have finalized Access Director Public Preview. We added a few fixes to the binaries and we added a new installer. From next version and going forward, we will digitally sign all our files, not only because we can, but because it is important to us.

As we plan to release the next major version, we decided to launch another Access Director Preview, supporting your native language, token-based elevation and a few other nifty features. Stay tuned for further updates.

As mentioned, this is our brand new website, and we are excited it is finally alive and we have the site published - admitting it is still a little rough around the edges. More important to us, we have started adding a long overdue User Guides for Access Director.

Private Preview program. We are adding an option to be part of a Private Preview program, starting with upcoming versions of Access Director. If that sound interesting to you, stay tunes for updates and follow us on Twitter for latest information. If you are reallt keen, please leave us a message using the Contact form and add 'Private Preview program' in the subject.

Bending standards and Best Practices to enhance users' experiences is what we love the most

It is said, there will be a time and place for everything, there will be a reason to collaborate, cooperate and share. The time is now, the place is here and the reason is obviously – we are excited about the stuff we do and our objective is to connect technologies to get the most out of its many capabilities.

Once again, Welcome to our new website.

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