About Us

NoLightPeople is a non-profit group moulded in February 2014 and founded by Technology Evangelists and Everything Windows Professionals. We wanted a communication platform for sharing our thoughts, design principles, knowledge and home cooked scripts, tools and applications. Everything you see comes from people who volunteer free time and we all do our best to help out, but please keep in mind as we are a non-profit group, we cannot respond to everybody.

Who we are

Jesper Nielsen

Jesper Nielsen, Co-Founder

Jesper is a Technology Evangelist and Windows enthusiast. He is a public speaker, certified trainer, father and Everything Windows Professional with a passion for IT security. He is actively involved in communities and user groups and is the founder of the Everything Windows User Group Denmark, commonly known as EWUG.dk. As a speaker, Jesper achieve to combine strategy, technology and live demonstrations with humor and is always up for challenging you choices towards user experience enhancement.