Now listen, are you responsible for losing the mother ship?

Our friend Jens Ole Andersen wrote a fantastic post on LinkedIn some weeks back. We liked it so much we asked if we could post it on our site as well. Jens Ole did a rewrite just for us.

Now listen, are you responsible for losing the mother ship - Directors Cut

I guess most of you have watched Independence Day and can remember how Jeff Goldblum used his MacBook to introduce a virus into the mainframe of the mother ship which busted their defenses and made "a kind of a bad day to be an alien taking over the Earth".

Of course it is excellent news for us earthlings, but what about the alien in charge of the vessel? I am pretty sure his commanding officers would like to know how he was able to lose against a hopeless primitive race with puny little weapons, and we know why it happened - it was because the moron ran his console as an admin!


We came a long way in a short time...

We sat sail about a year ago and have been working hard ever since to get everything ready. We think we came a long way and it has been a blast.

We created out first web page in less than three days, only because we needed a website - but we knew from the start it was not what we wanted. We needed a communication platform for sharing our thoughts, design principles, knowledge and home cooked scripts, tools and applications. We spent months building the new website and adding a blog engine was a priority, as we wanted a site to support our needs. This is our first blog post and we are excited to go live with the new site, new technology, new design and new possibilities.

It is said, there will be a time and place for everything, there will be a reason to collaborate, cooperate and share. The time is now, the place is here and the reason is obviously – we are excited about the stuff we do, and our objective is to connecting technologies to get the most out of its many capabilities.

The idea behind NoLightPeople came to life when our favorite tool, Access Director, was born and we was fortunately enough to make Access Director free (as in "free beer"). The last six months it has been all about Access Director, we have a great idea and a great tool, and there is a great philosophy behind the idea. There has never been a better time to let go of your and remove administrative privileges and as we are soon to release the next major version of Access Director we will create more blog post about new features and ideas.

What a journey, today Access Director used by in companies, schools, public administrations and within private organizations and more and more understand our message and philosophy with Access Director and the interest is grooving every day.

Join the movement and start removing admin privileges - by following Twitter hash tag #StopBeingAdmin.

Everything you see comes from people who refer to them self as Technology Evangelists and Everything Windows Professionals volunteering free time; bending standards and Best Practices to enhance users' experiences is what we love the most.