Access Director

As malware attacks become increasingly targeted your number one priority is to eliminate all security vulnerabilities within your organization.

Microsoft's 'Patch Tuesday' bulletins provide valuable updates to address known vulnerabilities affecting your business… a huge percentage of them could be easily mitigated by removing user admin rights.

Microsoft Security Bulletins reported 333 vulnerabilities in 2013, of which 60% were found to be mitigated by removing admin rights. 147 vulnerabilities, were marked with a Critical severity rating in 2013 - 92% of which were found to ineffective for users with standard accounts.

Some companies have already removed admin privileges, for some users. Other companies are bound by user requirements or do not dare removing admin privileges.

Access Director for Windows:

  • Allow companies to remove admin privileges for all users – right now!
  • Allow companies to give the user admin privileges for a limited time only – without running the entire desktop using admin privileges.
  • Tasks needing admin privileges will run in the user context and does not require alternative user accounts.
  • Can be used as stand-alone or in a enterprise environment
  • Easy installation and configuration.

It is time to let go and remove administrative privileges - Join the movement and follow our endeavour using Twitter hashtag #StopBeingAdmin.

Give Access Director a spin.