Now listen, are you responsible for losing the mother ship?

Our friend Jens Ole Andersen wrote a fantastic post on LinkedIn some weeks back. We liked it so much we asked if we could post it on our site as well. Jens Ole did a rewrite just for us.

Now listen, are you responsible for losing the mother ship - Directors Cut

I guess most of you have watched Independence Day and can remember how Jeff Goldblum used his MacBook to introduce a virus into the mainframe of the mother ship which busted their defenses and made "a kind of a bad day to be an alien taking over the Earth".

Of course it is excellent news for us earthlings, but what about the alien in charge of the vessel? I am pretty sure his commanding officers would like to know how he was able to lose against a hopeless primitive race with puny little weapons, and we know why it happened - it was because the moron ran his console as an admin!

I can imagine how it vent down:

Alien Captain: "Yo, Alien IT Dude, I need to be local admin on my command console. I need to have full access because once in a while I need to update my software, and I don’t want the hassle of using "RunAsEmperor".
Alien IT Dude: "But, Sir, It’s not safe, we will be vulnerable to all kind of virus and..."
Alien Captain: "Shut up Alien IT Dude! Look at the number of stars i have - I am your goddamn superior so just do it! NOW!

It’s far out, no CTO, Director of sales, VP, senior whatever should ever pull rank and demand running as a local administrator and put the entire company and operation at risk, right?

Well, I've seen plenty of examples - both back in the days when I was a System Administrator and later as a consultant - and I know it is really hard to convince people that there is a significant risk involved.

These days I don’t run my pc as an administrator - I easily could as I am running in my own workgroup and admittedly I do need to run stuff as a local admin, but that doesn't mean that I have to run everything as an admin.

Lately I've been using Access Director, a free tool from NoLightPeople. Today I run my desktop, including browsers, Office and command line tools as a standard user and when needed I have the option to elevate my own account and elevate specific application or changing system settings in the context as local administrator and still running desktop and everything else as a standard user.

I know the guys behind the tool and I've been using Access Director ever since first release and it’s really a nice and easy tool to use - even for those superior beings pulling rank ;) Saying that, it might sound like I run everything with local admin right or need to have local admin right all the time, what I realized using Access Director, I hardly never need to run anything as a local admin!

Actually - I think I'm going to watch Independence Day Again, never gets to old watching smartass aliens getting punished for running the entire console as "Emperor" :)

Jens Ole Andersen

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